Four smart ways to protect your privacy in a smart home with cameras!

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In the age of digitalization, we are integrating more and more smart devices into our homes to increase our comfort and make our everyday lives easier. However, we often overlook the silent observers among us - the devices that are equipped with cameras and connected to our smartphones. While they offer us convenience, they also open windows into our private lives that can be used by the whole world to spy on us. This blog post takes a closer look at how you can protect your privacy in a camera-connected home.

1. Pet cameras and baby monitors

Designed to watch over our vulnerable loved ones, these could be misused to invade our privacy. Secure access to these devices is crucial. Regularly check that your cameras are disabled when not in use and also use strong passwords to protect them.

2. Smartphones and tablets

These portable and ubiquitous devices can inadvertently record and transmit private moments if they are unsecured. Make sure to regularly check which apps have access to your camera and disable them if necessary.

3. Smart vacuum cleaners

Not only do they clean, but they also map our homes and, if hacked, could provide real-time footage to strangers. Protect your vacuum cleaners by using strong passwords and updating them regularly.

4. Home assistants with cameras and smart displays

These devices are a central part of our daily routines and can record and transmit personal interactions. Regularly check which recordings are stored and delete them if necessary.

The danger lies not only in the presence of cameras, but also in their connection to the internet via our smartphones. It is therefore important to use strong passwords, perform regular updates and monitor access to cameras and microphones. With these simple steps, you can improve the security of your smart home and protect your privacy at the same time.